CoSN Report on Educational Leadership and Web 2.0

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) recently released a report on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in schools and the disposition of educational leaders towards these tools. This report, entitled “Leadership for Web 2.0 in Education: Promise and Reality,” gives insight into the challenges facing educational leaders as they seek to move their schools forward in this area.

School district administrators acknowledged the critical need to use Web 2.0 to transform teaching and learning, and to change the structure of schools over the next decade. And yet, few had systemically begun to research, plan, or implement effective uses of Web 2.0, nor had they used Web 2.0 to restructure their schools into more participatory cultures.

More than 95% of district administrators said that Web 2.0 will require a new type of teacher training, 86% said that Web 2.0 will result in a blending between formal and informal learning, and 79% said that schools should take full responsibility for modeling Web 2.0 to deepen learning. Yet only 44% reported taking full responsibility for the restructuring of schools to accommodate Web 2.0.

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