Goals for 2008-2009

The following is being presented to the BRSU board on September 22, 2008 for their consideration and input.

I thought I would take this opportunity to set some goals for the 2008-2009 school year. The goal categories used below are based on the draft job superintendent description (enclosed). I would appreciate any suggestions you might have in terms of setting goals and priorities for my work this year.

Student Learning and Instruction

I will be working with the principals to understand how information technologies might change teaching and learning. I see these potential changes as being significant and important to the future success of our students. My emergent vision for technology is: 1) bring the staff online through a collaborative communications platform, 2) deploy instructional content and related learning systems online, and 3) put more technology into the hands of students.

School Board-Superintendent Relationship

All of our districts need to have their policies reviewed, and I suspect this work will culminate in a mass policy adoption and/or elimination. I anticipate creating two model policy handbooks: one for districts that do not operate schools, and one for districts that do operate schools. We have a subcommittee formed to support this work. Before the subcommittee meets, I would like to produce a complete draft policy handbook. I will be working with a team from the Manchester School District to produce this draft by the first week of October.

Community Leadership

I suspect much of my work in this area will be related to explaining the implementation of the two-vote provision of Act 82. I hope to get out more this year to talk with community groups about our school systems.

I will be participating in a leadership retreat sponsored by the state board of education around the transformation of Vermont’s public school system. I will be able to provide input into this conversation from the perspective of our communities.

Supervision of District Personnel

I would like to have a superintendent job description adopted this year so we can have at least one evaluation of my performance as superintendent completed by the spring.

I am working with the principals to revise teacher evaluation procedures so they promote the improvement of instruction while at the same providing sufficient and consistent documentation of job performance for personnel files.

Business and Program Operations

We have implemented student information systems in all of our schools. This will allow us to have an improved understanding of student enrollment trends. Likewise, we have consolidated our special education data into a single database.

I intend to report to the boards three times a year on the financial status of the districts. This reporting process will improve internal financial controls, and allow me to better meet the fiduciary responsibilities of my position.


Based on a review of this work, I believe my priorities for the 2008-2009 school year should be:

1. A revision of district policies

  • ensure mandatory policies are consistent across all districts
  • support boards, through policy, in engaging their communities in an ongoing conversation about organizational outcomes
  • promote separation of administrative tasks from governance responsibilities to ensure both a high degree of innovation and accountability

2. The implementation of regular financial reports to boards

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