Getting Things Done (GTD) with Toodledo

Here is an outline of a presentation I do with leaders on how to setup a GTD system using Toodledo.


The GTD System

  • Collect everything you need to do into a single task list
  • Process tasks by priority
    • Next Action
    • Action
    • Projects
    • Waiting On
    • Some Day
    • Calls
  • Review task list on a weekly basis (schedule a specific time and day)
    • Collect everything into list
    • Review prioritization and make adjustments



  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Create “Folders” using the GTD priorities listed above
  • Create “Context” tags to organize your work (e.g. staff issues, teacher eval, Dan, etc.)
  • Add tasks
    • Do not add due dates
    • Do not use separate prioritization of tasks – use the folders for setting priorities
  • Configure third party apps to sync with your online account
  • Options for integration with Google Apps
    • Gmail Gadget
    • Google Calendar Sidebar Gadget
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