Technology and the Future of Education

The following notes were shared with BRSU boards as part of a presentation on understanding the implications of technology on education in September 2009.

Most people acknowledge that technology is having and will have a tremendous impact on education. This impact needs to be considered when developing plans for the future. I can categorize this impact in two areas: learning, and operations.



  • Digitization (information systems and record management) – huge opportunity
  • Flattening – fewer intervening layers between management and staff
  • Communication and collaboration across traditional organizational boundaries; increased stakeholder participation;
  • Potential for greater efficiencies and lower costs

“Death of Education, the Dawn of Learning”

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  • Kelly Ahlfeld


    I am interested in your specific comments regarding Dewey in your talk…

  • Dan


    I describe a brief history of Dewey and the system, and why such a system might be inadequate in an era where the creation of knowledge is expanding and crossing the traditional subject area categories. I point to the the language category (400) as an example: 490 “Other Languages” is the only container available for Chinese and other major non-Western languages.


  • Nancy Mark

    I am very moved by what I have been reading in Yong Zhao’s book, Catching up or Leading the Way, and his emphasis on the importance of supporting creativity in our schools. Ken Robinson makes the same points. I hope we can discuss these topics in our leadership team as well as our school board meetings. Thank you for helping us to ask important questions.